GOLFTOKYO Reservations (ご予約時の注意点)

Reservations (golftokyoツアーの予約等に関して)

If booked through a travel agency, please direct tour questions to the travel agency.

Beginners and Pace of Play (ラウンド時のお願い)

We typically restrict rounds to only intermediate and advanced golfers due to pace of play issues on the course.
However, if a good pace of play is guaranteed by the group, exceptions may be made.
Please be on time and keep the pace of play.
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Golf Course Facilities (ゴルフ場施設利用上の注意)

When taking a bath, please observe the rules of Japanese bathing.
Guests who take a bath may not have tattoos.
Meals, beverages, souvenirs, etc. will be charged to each player as a statement.
Credit card is accepted as payment.

Language (言語について)

The bus driver only speaks Japanese. If this may pose a problem, you are welcome to bring an interpreter on the tour.
Drivers with conversational English abilities may be available upon request.

Best days to play (曜日について)

We recommend foreign customers to play on weekdays.
The golf course is not as crowded, and the fee is more reasonable (about 50 ?70% of weekend fee.)


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